Dear Mr Future

Colours of love float by, like swirls of wind twirling hair into the perfect ringlet
I wait for the loyal embrace of mine to clutch me like a scarf in the winter

I see these couples surround me, each with special glints in their eye
The secret nudges, the loving glares, little giggles here and there

The cold, country walks on Sundays and returning to light the fire                                            Cwtched up on the sofa watching the rain droplets race down                              Just looking at the view and enjoying the green fields all around
Those basic little things, really nothing profound

You’d warm up my ice cold toes on the chilliest of winter nights,                                  then I’d hold my human hot water bottle like a little limpet all through the night

I’d dance around as you’d scream ‘Get out my kitchen!’
Then I’d stir the pot and reply ‘Well, that won’t get you a Michelin”

We wouldn’t care about being anything, but ourselves
I’d know you’d be there to hold me and tell me everything’s alright
There’d be no going to bed on an quarrel, because you know I wouldn’t sleep        We’d underpin our woes, nestle in and together we’d count the sheep

Swept back hair, cupped face, forehead kisses, safe embrace, arm over my shoulder, fingers intertwined, locked eyes, clear minds, soft lips, warm hearts                                                              At this point a thousand miles could be between us, but we’d never be apart.

Even on the grey days where I’d glare like medusa with a very deep frown
A smirk and the sound of sarcasm would still be found, for that we can depend
As I’d remember I’ve found my companion, my annoying best friend

For now you’ll get on with your life, and I’ll keep exploring mine We will make our way to each other when it becomes our time

So I’ll stand with my loved ones, looking in at the couples around
I have faith my time will come, somewhen, somewhere, somehow
Life has a way of aligning my stars, it’s quite a magnificent glory
Although I haven’t met you yet, I know we’ll be my favourite love story 


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