Damn Sand

I lay upon the bumpy grains with rays of warmth beaming down

A place so quiet, abundantly tranquil, not another soul to be found

I travelled far to get here, every mountain curvature taken in my stride

Through all of that the air blew and a little grain of sand caught in my eye

I grasped my hand and wiped until it was dry

I didn’t mind at first; the view was blissful and sun shimmered across the watery horizon

Though as time went on the granular flutters stung like the venom from a python

Worried I had no tears to give, exhausted from its participation, I longed to wash out this unwelcome invasion

Long gone was the warmth of the beach, a lethargic oomph slumped in the shower

Peeled wide looking up at the silver halo, like an independent shadowed next to a concrete tower

It wasn’t long before my friend, Sandy, as I had come to know him, packed up and left in cower

As he circled the drain I stared blindly, aching from every limb

The next part, psychology I’m not sure where to begin

Upon awakening I somewhat missed my friend the following morning

My eye red raw, soul depleted, the lasting effects were surprisingly taunting

Though I empathised with your unwanted inconvenience, the gutter was where I last saw you

This was probably because it was clear, my friend, that you had been ground down too


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