A B C D E Fuck U

Insanity, profanity, your multi-purpose complexity

I guess it’s whatever you can name to justify what you did to me

Heartless, malicious – always factitious

It’s the only way you knew how to share the apparent love you had for me

Broken promises, empty actions, unloving situations

This is subject to love bombing and soft boy manipulation

You say I’m just concentrating on the bad times

But doesn’t that speak volumes?

How the negativity overrides my ability to sufficiently see any of the positivity

Imagine standing by and thinking I’m the one that should keep quiet and be ashamed

Don’t you want me to break your façade, let others to see you’re two faced?

Or maybe you are embarrassed by your ways

So you should be, your disrespect was a disgrace

You’d shy away, deflect, come up with a thousand different excuses

Maybe because you knew all along if you let your guard down I’d see you were just fucking useless

I think you being complex is too far fetched

You just prefer putting people through all this distress

I’m tired, exhausted of all these scripted excuses

You’re vile because your type of abuse doesn’t leave any bruises


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