Love a Little, Yeah?

We’ve created a world where women hate their own bodies

What they look like, how big their breasts are, how long & crooked their nose is.

A world where the hair that grows on our body isn’t allowed and is disgusting?
It wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t supposed to be!
I wouldn’t look like this if I wasn’t supposed to look like this!

We live in a world where we can’t walk home alone.

And where we always clasp our keys in our hands.

We are taught to be scared.  We are bred to hate ourselves –
Our world breeds hate, revolves and resides on people hating themselves, and others.
A world where women are taught to feel insecure about who they really. Where men have decided our value, what we are used for and what we should look like.

We are not objects for your fantasies.

We are human beings.

And men, you want to help out? Then clap us the fuck on, have our backs and don’t do it with any ounce of sexism and stereotypes.

We, women, are fucking worthy of everything we want to be.

Hurt people, hurt people.

Insecure people, hurt people.

Unaccountable excuses, hurt people.

Women tearing down other women because they are faced with what is missing in them.
Love. Self-love. Self-worth. Self-respect.
Don’t score an own goal. Fight the status quo.
I’m so done with this and you should be too.


Just imagine what we could do if we loved ourselves.

Imagine our potential if we bathed in self-love, internally, externally.

Own your space. Radiate love. Pass on that love. Teach the world what Love looks like.

We are strong.

We are unstoppable.

We are woman.

It’s really about time that spread globally instead. 


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