About me

Howdyhippidybippidybop, I’m Amber.

That’s me.

I’m 27. I talk a lot. I like dogs

I had a mental health ‘breakdown’ when I was 24 & now I write a lot.

This blog is more or less my life diary of all the highs & lows, things that are random or things that just get me thinking, through a selection of ranty poems, short narratives and personal blogs.

Some uninteresting facts about me:

I’m left handed

I’m a vegan

(Please don’t feed me dairy)

I’m annoyingly energetic

I like baking

I’m 6″ taller than the average English female

I like old castles/ruins

My great great uncle? was Herbert Jones, who was the jockey riding the Kings horse when Emily Davison stepped out at Derby… yeah. You read that right. (That one I actually find quite interesting)

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Twitter @AmberAdel