Snow Fall

If you watch a gentle snow fall, the flakes float down like a kestrel flying in the wind

Looking within the snowstorm makes time stand still, like there is no rush in the world at all

The gentle blizzard encapsulates you in their moment

As if they are here to take the weight of your shoulders

A beautiful portal to a version of the same world

Where all your woes don’t quite have the same precedence

That in itself is a gesture I am wonderfully grateful for

Do you think they know they hold such a tranquil moment in my day?

Such a sweet moment in time, do they do it on purpose?

It’s almost as if they know their downcast journey is the most effective

The time, the only time they have to show the full impact of their beauty

Do they know once they reach the floor their short prevail is over?

Their collected comforts bind upon the horizon

A beautiful layer which allows us to escape our reality, even for a short while

The grimmest of places, the harshest of spirits are delicately paused by its soft white blanket

For that split second we forget everything we are carrying

For that storm in time we are graced with the love of a cold, icy kiss

For that one snowfall offers our hearts an excitable, warm, loving bliss


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