Why is it so hard for us to fight for what we believe in?

They’ve been holding us back since the Garden of Eden

‘Oh No!! What are they going to do?’

Society gets scared when you step outside the narrative created for you

It’s a great big ‘FUCK OFF’ to Thirty

Do this, be that, checklist, two kids

I’ll be the one to decide what I check- off and what I give a miss

Under attack, long before being born

It’s about time for gender reform

It’s still about ownership, let’s talk about how mad that is!

I think it’s about time we rewrote the rules of marriage

It’s not complex, it’s all about egos

You can take some pill for that, placebos

Back in the day they’d riot ‘SHE’S A WITCH’

We can speak up, but still get labelled; ‘She’s a crazy little bitch’

Girls with dreams

Women with vision

Ready to break out this oppressional prison


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